The Importance of Getting Enough Iodine

Iodine is an essential trace element, but it’s one that many people don’t get enough of. Even if healthy snacks and meals are a part of your regular lifestyle, you may still be deficient in this important nutrient. Continue reading to learn about the importance of iodine for your health.

The Reasons You Need Iodine

A significant portion of the iodine in your body is stored in the thyroid gland because this element plays a critical role in its normal function. Without iodine, your thyroid gland would not be able to synthesize thyroid hormones which control the body’s base metabolic rate and promote its optimal utilization of calories. Additionally, iodine helps the body excrete toxins from its system and use minerals like silicon and calcium. Some of the benefits associated with getting sufficient levels of iodine include good energy levels, healthy hair and nails, immune strength, and cancer prevention.

The Symptoms of Getting Too Little Iodine

Because iodine plays a critical role in promoting normal development and growth, a deficiency of this trace element can have a significant impact on your overall health. Some of the symptoms of iodine deficiency include abnormal weight gain, decreased fertility, depression, frustration, goiter, constipation, and fatigue.

Some Good Sources of Iodine

Iodine is found in high amounts in marine animals and plants, such as kelp, deep-water whitefish, and shellfish because they can absorb the iodine found in seawater. For this reason, many types of seafood and seaweed are good sources of iodine. Additionally, spinach, soybeans, turnip greens, chard, garlic, lima beans, and sesame seeds are also rich in this essential trace element.

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Tips for Embracing a Healthy Diet

While choosing healthy snacks and meals are key factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are some additional steps that you can take to help ensure your success when adopting better eating habits. Use these tips to help embrace a healthy diet:

Aim for long-term success.

Among the most common mistakes that individuals make when attempting to start a heathier diet is to adopt a regimen that promises great results but isn’t sustainable long-term. When assuming healthier eating habits, the key to having long-term success is to choose a diet plan that is nutritious, satisfying, and maintainable.

Start by making small changes.

If you’re like many people who decide to embrace a healthier lifestyle, then you have a number of unhealthy habits to break. Change can be difficult for everyone and, when making the switch to a healthier diet, it’s better to make gradual changes that involve a series of small victories than to take on lofty goals that you may struggle to achieve. Some experts suggest that making only one change per week, such as removing all of the junk food from your pantry, is an excellent strategy for embracing a healthy diet.

Put your focus on your food.

Particularly when starting out with a new diet, one of the most important things that you can do is to track what you are eating. Although it may seem like a chore, this step allows you to have a better idea of how much of what foods you end up eating each day. As you become accustomed to your new dietary habits, this may no longer be necessary but, until then, tracking your food can encourage you to be mindful of what you eat and to choose healthy snacks and meals.

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Tips for Eating Healthier Foods

How much seaweed do you eat? If it isn’t much, then consider adding more of it to your diet because this health food can help remove toxins from your body and promote better overall wellness. Watch this video for some more helpful tips on eating healthier snacks and meals.

Consider making edamame a regular part of mealtime because, in a large population study, eating legumes was linked with having a longer lifespan. Also, if you spend a lot of time in the air, start packing some antioxidant-rich foods, like kale and berries, into your carry-on to help protect you from radiation exposure.

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Vegan Snacks That Work Well On the Go

Today, many people lead busy lifestyles that can make it difficult to make healthy choices throughout the day. The following are some excellent ideas for healthy snacks that are vegan and can keep you satisfied while you’re on the go:

Nut Mixes

When consumed in reasonable amounts, nuts can prove to be healthy vegan snacks that travel well. Research has linked eating a small handful of nuts every day with a reduction in mortality rates and a lower risk of dying from diabetes, cancer, and brain-related diseases. In addition to these benefits, nuts are filling and make an ideal snack for anyone on the go.

Parsnip Chips

Now that fall has arrived, you’re likely to have no trouble tracking down fresh parsnips in your local grocery store’s produce section. Often compared to carrots, parsnips are off white in color and are a root vegetable with a distinct, nutty flavor. For a vegan snack that can satisfy your craving for potato chips in a much healthier way, consider baking up some parsnip chips.

Seaweed Snacks

Today, it’s easy to find seaweed snacks at your local grocery store and, in addition to being tasty and satisfying, these handy bites are nutritious, as well. Because of their salty flavor, seaweed snacks can provide you with an excellent alternative to chips and crackers when you find yourself hit with a salt craving. Additionally, seaweed is an incredible source of iodine, which is an essential nutrient that is missing from most other foods. Seaweed snacks travel well and can be found in pops, crisps, and roasted sheets that are available in a wide range of delicious flavors.

If you’re looking for delicious, vegan snacks in the United States, then look no further than Seapoint Farms. A few of the snack foods included in our product line include seaweed crisps, roasted edamame, fruit and nut blends, and low carb options. To learn more, call us today at (888) 722-7098.

Ideas for Incorporating More Seaweed into Your Meals

If you’re looking for ways to improve your healthy snacks and meals, then consider giving seaweed a try. Loaded with nutrients like iodine, zinc, magnesium, calcium, omega-3 fats, essential amino acids, dietary fiber, and vitamins A, D, C, and E, seaweed can play a valuable role in your healthy lifestyle. Read on for a few ways to include more seaweed in your diet.


Eating a few healthy snacks throughout the day is an excellent way to maintain your energy levels and stay satisfied and, if you have yet to give seaweed snacks a try, then you are in for a treat. These convenient, low calorie, low carb options come in a range of varieties and flavors. If you’re looking for a convenient way to eat more seaweed, then toss a few seaweed snacks into your purse or desk drawer.


If you visit your local Asian market or the Asian section of your grocery store, you may find a type of seasoning called kelp granules or flakes. Stored in shaker bottles much in the way that salt and pepper are, kelp seasonings offer you an excellent way to add more seaweed to your diet. Simply sprinkle the seaweed into soups, onto salads, or over entrées in the way you would salt to add flavor and nutrition to your meals.


If you’re a fan of having a smoothie for breakfast or as a post-workout meal, then you have a great opportunity in which to add more seaweed to your diet. Consuming spirulina, which is a powdered form of seaweed, has been linked with lowered blood pressure, reduced cancer risk, and lowered chance of stroke. Simply add a spoonful of spirulina to your smoothies to give them an extra dose of nutrition.

Offering vegan snacks and healthy snacks like seaweed crisps, pops, and chips, Seapoint Farms has what you need to add more of this healthy food into your diet in a way that’s tasty and convenient. To find out more about our healthy snacks that are available in the United States, give us a call today at (888) 722-7098.

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